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Houston Vending Company
Houston Vending Machine Company

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Almond Joy Baby Ruth Butterfinger
Bit O Honey Granola Bars Granola Cluster
Health Bars Hersheys Junior Mints
M&M Plain M&M Peanuts Milky Ways
Mars Bars Milk Duds 3 Musketeers
Mounds Pay Day Reese Pnut Cup
Reese's Pieces or Sticks Snickers Kit Kat
Beef Sticks Cheese Sticks Chocolate Wafers
Microwave Butter Popcorn Nestles Crunch Oreo Cookies
Planters Honey Roasted Raisins Sunmaid Skittles
Starburst Original Starburst Tropical Strawberry Twizzlers
Sugar Babies Tootise Roll Twix Carmel
Twix Cookies N Cream Vanilla Wafers Wheat Wafers
Grandma's Choc. Chip Grandma's Lemon Cookies Cinnamon Granola Bars


Planters Pnuts Pecan Sandies Sunflower Seeds
Trail Mix Corn Nuts Cheese Its
Kraft Cheese and Crackers Nab Peanut and Crackers Hot Fries
Fig Newtons Rice Krispy Fritos Regular
Lays Regular Ruffles Regular Ruffles Works
Cheetos Regular Pretzels Doritos
Tostitos Sour Cream and Onion Sour Cream and Cheedar
Popcorn Cheese Popcorn Bagel Chips
Salsa Nacho Spicy Nacho Doritos Cool Ranch
Doritos Nacho Chex Mix Goldfish
Knottsberry Fritos BBQ Bugles
Gardettos Regular Jalapeno Potato Bobs Zoo Animal
Cracker Jacks Famous Amos Chips Ohoy
Porkskins Hot Snack Wells  

Can Drinks/Juice

Coke Diet Coke/Caffeine Free Sprite
Tab Canada Dry Orange
Concord Grape Root Beer Ginger Ale
Pepsi Diet Pepsi Squirt
Diet Dr. Pepper Orange Crush Strawberry Crush
Grape Crush Lipton Iced Tea 7 Up
Diet 7 Up Country Lemonade Pepsi One
Dr. Pepper Mountain Dew Dart Lemon Lime
Grape Welches Strawberry Welches Hawaiian Punch
Sunkist Deja Blue Water V8
Apple Juice Gatorade Orange Juice
R C Cola    


Danish Butter Crackers Fruit Danish Cinnamon Roll
Glazed Honey Roll Apple Pie Cherry Pie
Berry Pie Lemon Pie Pound Cake
Apple Honey Little Devils Chocolate Honey Buns
Cup Cakes Twinkies Brownies
Carrot Cake Banana Nut Oat Muffins Ding Dong
Butter Crumb Mini Chocolate Donuts Mini Powdered Donuts
Mini Muffins Blueberry Dunking Sticks Zingers
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